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Bubble Bomb Toilet Cleaning Powder

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Bubble Bomb Toilet Cleaning Powder

Keep your bathroom totally clean, hygienic, and odor-free with this Bubble Bomb Toilet Cleaner pack!

An an effective, fast-working toilet arsenal that thoroughly fights off the toughest of year-long or fresh stains in a breeze. Featuring a powdered-form disinfecting solution that automatically bubbles up to kill 99% of viruses and successfully flushes them out. Eliminating germs, dirts, rusts, stains, hard water rings, molds, and other harmful contaminants even to the hard-to-reach areas. These high cleaning powder also offers an excellent deodorizing effect to mask off toxic, unpleasant odors. Leaving your toilet with long-lasting continuous freshness and pleasing aroma as you flush for a more hygienic and safer environment.    

These drop-in cleaning powder can deeply remove nasty stain build-ups without sacrificing your toilet's components. Preventing any sort of serious property damage like brittling, corroding, weakening, clogging, and early aging. Furthermore, the cleaner can work perfectly for the toilet water tank, wash basin, sinks, kitchen plumbing, bathtubs, shower sinks, sewer drains, septic tanks, and so on. Making it a great helper that makes the dreaded, icky household cleaning a lot speedier and easier to do. Formulated in a powderized extreme clearing power solution without prompting chemical hazard to also ensure the user’s safety and health.

Make the dreaded toilet cleaning job easier and quickly disinfect tough stains with just a a drop of this cleaning powder!


  • Intensive Decontamination
    A bottle of cleaning powder that is specially formulated with powerful active germ-fighting ingredients for an optimal toilet cleaning. The  cleaning powder  automatically releases their fine-concentrated cleaning solution as it dissolves and thoroughly eliminates stubborn dirts in just a flush. It can successfully tackle germs, dirts, rusts, stains, hard water rings, molds, and other harmful contaminants. Providing you an ultimate decontamination that kills 99% of viruses and bacterias even to the hard-to-clean areas that other products can’t reach.

  • Excellent Deodorizer
    These toilet cleaning powder also provides an ultra-strong odor-removing effect that can mask unpleasant toilet scent and funky build-up odors. It adopts a pleasant scent that leaves your toilet with long-lasting continuous freshness every flush. No worries as its deodorizing qualities does not emit any toxic scent to ensure everyone’s safety and health even after inhalation. 

  • Easy ‘One-Drop’ Cleaning
    The all-in-one disinfecting foaming powder can effectively cleans even the dirtiest of toilets with just a few easy methods. Simply drop a proper amount of solution in the toilet bowl, and wait for at least 10-20 seconds for it to automatically create a layer of blue foam bubbles. After that, just flush to cut through dirt and deodorize, and you're good to go. No more icky and time-consuming scrubbing or the need to use various complicated tools anymore!

  • Wide Application
    These drop-in cleaning powder contains an appropriately concentrated formulation that works effectively and safely against various pipelines. Suitable for cleaning and eliminating odors from toilet water tank, wash basin, sinks, kitchen plumbing, bathtubs, shower sinks, sewer drains, septic tanks, and more possibilities. It can be used through your regular cleaning without causing leaks or serious property damage behind unlike with other products.

  • Premium Quality
    Formulated with a professional-grade, non-harming solution that boasts an exceptional clearing power and odor removal. Moreover, the foaming powder can perfectly dissolve stains, odor-causing bacterias, and other buildups without sacrificing your toilet's components even with constant use. Preventing your plumbing and septic tanks from unwanted weakening, brittling, corroding, and early aging. 

  • Weight: 110g 
  • 1 x Bubble Bomb Toilet Cleaning Powder 

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