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Heatless Hair Curling Double Scrunchie

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Heatless Hair Curling Double Scrunchie

Wake up with stunning beach curls that feel like you just stepped out of a salon with this heatless hair curling scrunchie!

This magic curler features a cute double scrunchie design that successfully delivers fancy, heatless beach curls overnight. Simply wrap your tresses around it, twist it in a bun to secure and you now have long-lasting, defined curls as soon as you wake up! Saving you from the struggle of curling sticks or the traditional iron curlers which only leaves nasty damages due to excessive heating. This curling scrunchie is lightweight and is extra soft to ensure that it won’t snag tightly or cause headaches even after a prolonged wear. No worries as it can hold firmly in place so you can toss and turn while sleeping without it falling off. 

The non-heat curling scrunchie can be tossed inside your bags or pouches without taking up space at all. Allowing you to create the perfect bouncy curls or waves anytime even on vacation, business trips, hotels, dormitories, and so on. This heatless curler is suitable and safe for all hair types with medium to long hair length. Made of premium fabric materials with excellent durability that can withstand years of daily hair curling without loosening or snapping.

Say hello to a heat-free, gorgeous curl hair styling using this magic heatless hair curling scrunchie! 


  • No-Heat Perfect Hair Curling
    A game-changing heatless hair curling tool that delivers flawless, bouncy looking beach curls or waves without the need to visit the salon. Providing you with the gentlest, effortless uniform curling just by wrapping your tresses into the scrunchie curler overnight. No more hassle of iron curling and the nasty heat damages that dries, breaks, dulls, and causes split ends to your locks! 

  • Quick and Easy to Use
    This scrunchie is not only the safest, but is also the easiest, quick no-heat curling tool that top off products like curling sticks and rods. Leaving you with the prettiest, long-lasting defined curls to wake up to everyday even without the use of setting sprays and curling oils. Simply brush all knots away, gather your hair into a high ponytail, and insert the scrunchie. After that, loop your hair into the hard part of the scrunchie until all hair is wrapped, twist the scrunchie and secure it like you're doing a bun and wake up with instant luscious curls! No need to wait for longer anymore!

  • Comfortable to Sleep On
    Specially designed to perform well into your hair without any form of discomfort. It has an extra-soft silky feel that enables your tresses to wrap around it without breakage and tight, painful snagging or pulling. The curler is ideally lightweight so it can stay overnight to your head and let you sleep in peace with no tension headaches the next morning. No worries it is also highly flexible and can hold the hair in place even as you toss and turn on your sleep.

  • Multi-Used Curling Tool
    Not only creates gorgeous big curls, but it can be also used as a handy scrunchie. It can tie your tresses up in a neat bun hairstyle when you're at home or going out. This hair curler is portable and can be stashed into bags or pouches without taking up much space. Allowing you to have on-the-go easy heatless curls even when you're out on vacation, business trips, hotels, dormitories, and so on.
  • Great Gift Idea
    Applicable for both thin or thick locks with long to medium hair length. Making it a perfect gift to treat your loved ones like they just had the best curled hair day everyday. Suitable for wife, girlfriend, sister, friend, daughter, niece, colleagues, hair stylists, and those who always miss the salon. You can give this scrunchie for different occasions, including christmas, birthdays, holidays, festivities, parties, and more possibilities. 
  • Premium Quality
    Made with the highest quality silky fabric material which is soft and safe to use for all hair types. It has an impressive flexibility and curling abilities without the need of any form of heat. Furthermore, this scrunchie curler supplies an exceptional durability that can withstand years of usage without loosening or snapping. 



  • Material: Silky fabric
  • Style: Dusty pink / Royal green / Pink tie dye / Choco / Black


  • 1 x Heatless Hair Curling Double Scrunchie

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