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Easy-Release 4-hole Ice Ball Maker

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Easy-Release 4-hole Ice Ball Maker

Level up your drinking game and cool up your beverages with fancy ice spheres using this 4-hole ice ball maker!

This 4 hole ice maker successfully delivers perfectly clear, rounded shaped ices that would surely make a fine sip to any drink. It can efficiently chill your refreshment for a prolonged period with slower diluting. Allowing you to freely delight and savor each sip without turning your beverages from being tasteless or affecting its flavor. Great for chilling whisky, beer, cocktails, wine, juices, lemonades, softdrinks, ice coffees, water, milteas, flavored liquids and such. What’s more? This sphere mold offers a secured sealing which lets it freeze evenly all the way through without spills, air bubbles or cloudy build-ups. 

The ice ball maker adopts a handy top opening where you can smoothly pour in and fill it with any liquid totally mess-free. It is also completely non-stick which enables you to easily pop the ice spheres on tip top shape in a breeze at all times. You can even create your own flavorsome ice by adding mixtures like cherries, lemons, strawberries, oranges and so on. This ice ball mold is made with premium materials that can withstand extreme temperatures and years of usage without damaging or leaching.    

Chill your drinks in a unique, cooler way with this easy-release 4 hole ice ball maker!


  • Perfect Ice Sphere Shape
    A smart bottle-like ice maker designed with 4 precisely rounded shapes that can freeze your drinking liquid in no time. Creating the perfect clear ice balls that would surely freshen up any beverages with an added splash of fun than the traditional boring cubes. This ice sphere maker adopts an exceptional sealing that can freeze the water evenly all the way through and push all air out of the container. Allowing the ice to form and cool without any air bubbles, cloudy build-up, and deformation. Moreover, it also keeps your fridge free from the messy spills and leakages. 

  • Slow Melting Ice Balls
    This ice ball maker can bring out the best beautifully shaped and sized ice with an impressive slow melting performance. Providing your refreshment an extended period of fine coolness without diluting and affecting its complex flavor. You can now have a couple of more rounds of whisky or beer with the same ice or indulge more in your drink without it being tasteless.

  • Easy Filling and Quick Releasing
    The 4-hole ice maker is equipped with a handy opening at the top end which enables you to effortlessly pour in liquid without spills. It provides a highly translucent style so you can clearly see the contents inside when filling. Additionally, this ice sphere mold is completely non-stick so you can swiftly pop out all 4 ice balls without ruining or breaking their shape. The ice maker is ideally compact so you can stash it into your freezer and create 4 spheres at once without taking up space.

  • Wide Application
    This spherical ice can freshen up a variety of drinks, including whisky, beer, cocktails, wine, juices, lemonades, softdrinks, ice coffees, water, milteas, flavored liquids and so on. It can be filled with any kind of liquids and be added with different mixtures like cherries, lemons, strawberries, oranges and such. Allowing you to create your own personalized, flavorful rounded ice.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, food-grade PP plastic material that boasts an excellent durability and longevity. It can perfectly hold out against temperatures of up to 302°F and be reused over and over again without cracking or deforming. This ice ball mold is completely non-toxic and odorless to prevent any types of leaching to ensure safety and health. No worries as it is dishwasher safe so you can effortlessly clean it up in a breeze after each use!  


  • Material: Food-grade ABS
  • Size: 23 x 6.5 x 5.5cm
  • Ice Ball Diameter: 5.5cm


  • 1 x Easy-Release 4-hole Ice Ball Maker

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