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Adjustable Fridge Sliding Divider Clamps

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Adjustable Fridge Sliding Divider Clamps

Turn the chaos in your fridge into an organized, stylish assortment with this adjustable sliding divider clamp!

This fridge divider effectively organized your shelf and split your grocery items into neat, well-assorted partitions. Maximizing your fridge space while simultaneously allowing you to easily retrieve or look for your needs at a glance.  It can slide to adjust on your desired storing spacing and also be retracted up to 4.7’’ in length to fit perfectly to the size of the shelf. Suitable for organizing condiments, seasonings, bottles, cans, sachets, snacks, ingredients, and such. This dividing clamp comes with a deep hook that can securely hold on various refrigerator shelf grids sizes. Preventing it from falling or unfastening every time you slide it or open and close the fridge door. 

The adjustable fridge divider can be installed and removed anytime without any complicated tools needed. Simply insert the hook to the shelf grid, place your ingredients and other items, slide to adjust accordingly and done. You can even use it for organizing medicine drawers, tableware boxes, laundry storage, dishwashing holders, cosmetics and more possibilities. No worries as this clamp does not scratch or leave any damages behind your fridge surface. Made with premium plastic materials that can withstand long-lasting use without wearing-off and leaching. 

Spruce up your refrigerator organization to the next level and use this adjustable fridge sliding divider clamp!

  • Free-Adjusting Fridge Divider
    A translucent dividing clip that easily holds onto your fridge door shelf to create an instant clutter-free, organized storing. Allowing you to make the space out of your fridge by neatly assorting each groceries to their own group and separating bottles to avoid bumping. Saving your refrigerator shelves section from the unwanted chaos so you can always easily retrieve or look for your needs in plain sight. Moreover, this divider can be simply slid left or right to adjust according to your needed spacing. Perfect for organizing condiments, seasonings, bottles, cans, sachets, snacks, bagged ingredients, and so on.
  • Retractable Design
    Adopts a smart retractable ability where you can easily expand it from 3.2’’ up to 4.7’’ in length. Allowing you to adjust it to the size of your needed space utilization or within the range that it can be extended so no ingredients can freely slip through. It also comes with a secured lock so you can conveniently fix it at its extended length.

  • Ultra-Strong Hold
    Comes with a secured hook that holds firmly against various refrigerator grids sizes from a maximum 6mm. It can stay stably in place even as you swiftly open or closed fridge doors and be adjusted anytime without getting unfastened. No worries as this dividing clip provides a strong hold while still ensuring that it won’t leave any ugly marking, scratches, and other damages behind.
  • Quick and Easy Installation
    Can be installed in no time without any complicated steps or the need of different tools. Simply insert the hook of the divider to the fridge door shelf, set up and organize your ingredients and food stuff, slide to adjust into appropriate distance, and you're done. You can store according to your food classification, sizes, or depending on the order on how you’ll easily find and access your food.

  • Wide Application
    Highly compact and it can fit  and organize through different fridge door shelves without taking up too much space. It can even be used for various shelves and be installed internal or external. Take your storing and organizing to the next level and try it out for your medicine drawers, tableware boxes, laundry storage, dishwashing holders, cosmetics and so on. Suitable for office, apartments, dormitories, hotels, bedroom mini fridge, at home use and more possibilities.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, thickened PVC plastic material with an exceptional durability and resistance to environmental corrosion or rusting. It can perfectly maintain its tip top shape even after years of usage and multiple washing. This fridge divider is completely non-toxic so you can confidently put it close to food without any leaching to ensure safety and health. 


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 3x5x8cm
  • Extendable range: 8~12cm


  • 4 / 8 / 24 pcs of Adjustable Fridge Sliding Divider Clamps

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