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Child Safety Anti-Dumping Furniture Fixture

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Child Safety Anti-Dumping Furniture Fixture

Keep every unstable piece of furniture from falling using this child safety anti-dumping furniture fixture!

A must-have safety anchor for child proofing your heavy furniture pieces and keeping them from wobbling or worse tipping over. Preventing any possible incidents especially for those with curious toddlers and active pets who always run and climb on things. It is equipped with a 3 point force support and an impressive adhesiveness that enables it to withstand even earthquakes and windstorms. Allowing you to create a much safer environment for your family and avoid constant furniture damage pr switching. 

This anti-tipping furniture fixture can be installed without the wall damaging drillings and complicated steps. Simply peel-off the 3M adhesive, mount it to the wall then place your furniture that you wanted to stabilize and you're done. Suitable for cabinets, drawers, grand clock, wardrobes, dresser, TV stand, shelves, and other heavy or tall furniture pieces that you want to fix. Constructed with premium, durable materials that enables it to be used for a long-lasting years without easily wearing off. 

Never let a single furniture in your house tip even an inch with this child safety anti-dumping furniture fixture!


  • Baby Proof Furniture Fixer
    An innovative safety anchor that is specially designed to keep your heavy furniture secured in one place to prevent toppling in any case. Eliminating any possible tip-over incidents especially when you have active little explorers and pets who always run and climb on things. Moreover, it is also ideal for elderly people so they can confidently grip and maintain balance without the furniture falling. Making it a perfect addition to create a safe environment for your family and avoid dangerous unstable cabinets, tables and so on.

  • Excellent Earthquake Resistance
    Features a 3 point force support and a powerful 3M adhesive that can firmly fix even your heaviest furniture. Keeping it impressively stabilized even when your cabinets get crawled on by your energetic tots or when an earthquake and windstorm happens. Ideal for those prone to frequent quakes so they can always prepare and make their furniture safe and avoid constant switching. 

  • Wide Application
    Can anchor a plethora of different furniture around your home, dormitories, apartments, office and even schools and such. Suitable for fixing heavy or tall furniture/home appliances, including cabinets, drawers, grand clock, wardrobes, dresser, TV stand, shelves, and more possibilities. A great way to enhance child safety even as they roam around and anchoring unstable furniture. 

  • Easy Non-Damaging Installation
    Can be installed in no time with just a few steps! Simply wipe the wall your mounting in clean, remove the protective film from the adhesive then align the anti-tip tool before adhering. After that, you can now place your furniture to be fixed and you're good to go. You can use two or more anti-tip fixtures to create a more balanced and secured furniture anchoring. No more complicated and time-consuming drillings that only leave permanent holes and damages on your walls.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic HIPS material with an exceptional toughness and adhesiveness. It can firmly stabilize heavy furniture for multiple years without deformation or easily wearing off. Furthermore, this child safety fixer tool does not contain any sharp edges to prevent it from scratching your precious furniture.


  • Material:  High Impact Polystyrene
  • Size: 7 x 7 x 5.5cm


  1. Clean the surface of the wall and furniture before applying.
  2. Peel off the adhesive backing of the fixture
  3. Stick it to desired position.

*Tips: For slightly wobbly furniture, please install 1~2 pieces of fixture pads. We suggest applying at least 4 pieces for high-risk situations. For example, larger sized rod shelf.


  • 4PCS / 8PCS / 12PCS of Child Safety Anti-Dumping Furniture Fixture

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