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Kitchen Pot Lid Drip Pad

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Kitchen Pot Lid Drip Pad

Keep your pot lids at hand during cooking without the unpleasant messy food spillings using this kitchen pot lid drip pad!

A must-have kitchen tool that is specially designed to store all kinds of pot lid upright and catch any messy drips as you cook. Providing you an organized kitchen counter that is free from any condensation, oils, sauces, grease, and various food drippings. This drip pad even features a handy utensil rest where you can place your spoon, fork, chopsticks, ladle, spatula, and such. Allowing you to keep your cooking tools within reach at all times while preventing them from directly touching your counters. No worries as this pot lid tray is deep enough to collect all liquid drippings and residues from your cooking tools without spilling. 

This kitchen pot lid drip pad can perfectly hold your cooking utensils even when wet without unwanted slipping. It also has a sturdy, non-slip base which enables it to be stably stand against any flat surfaces. Moreover, this smart tray adopts an excellent heat resistance that can withstand up to a maximum 320°F of temperature. It can handle your boiling lid and utensils without melting, deforming, burning, or leaving burn marks behind. Made with premium food-grade materials that boasts an excellent durability, safety, and longevity.  

Make your kitchen counter space drip-free even after countless cooking sessions with this kitchen pot lid drip pad!


  • 100% Dip-Free Counter
    A space-saving solution that smartly holds your cooking lid upright to keep it organized and your kitchen neat as you cook. It also helps to maintain your searing pot lid within easy reach anytime while preventing it from touching your countertops to avoid burnt marks. Additionally, this handy pad even successfully collects all condensation, oils, sauces, grease, and various food drippings. Saving you from the troubles of back and forth scrubbing and your kitchen countertops from the messy, sticky splatters and dried residues. It also comes with a utensil tray feature so you can also cleanly rest your cooking ladle when not yet in use. 

  • Innovative Design
    Beautifully-structured with rounded and deepened grooves in shell shape that can successfully catch liquids without spilling out. It is also designed with a separated tray for the lid and the utensils to keep it more hygienic and convenient. Moreover, this holder has a sturdy rest where your lid can lean on and a protruded, non-slip stopper to keep it stably in place upright. Allowing your kitchen lid to be left alone without constantly sliding off the dip tray. This drip pad offers a fully non-stick material which enables it to instantly remove stains with no residues left behind in just one flush. You can also just simply stash it inside a dishwasher to clean and done. Preventing any harmful bacterial and odor contamination. 
  • Excellent Heat Resistant
    Adopts an exceptional temperature resistance that can withstand heat from a maximum 320°F (160°C). You can directly situate your freshly hot lid into it without melting, deforming, burning, or leaving burn marks behind unlike with other products. Furthermore, this drip tray can hold your boiling lids and utensils all throughout your cooking session without it getting hot so you can safely hold it anytime.
  • Widely Used Holder
    Can fit almost all kinds of lid styles of different sizes, including frying pan lids, saucepan lids, pot lids, stock pot lids, and so much more. The utensil rest also provides a spacious design which allows it to hold various tools and fit multiple at once. Perfect for spoon, fork, chopsticks, ladle, spatula, and more possibilities. It has a smooth, sturdy base that can stand stably against all flat surfaces like dining table, countertops, kitchen tops and such.

  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality, food-grade PS and PP plastic material with an excellent durability and heat resistance capabilities. It is BPA-free and is safe to come into direct contact with food products to ensure overall health. No worries as this drip tray has completely smooth edges and surfaces so it won’t scratch or harm your cooking tools. This pot lid drip pad can hold out against multiple years of daily use and washes without damaging, rusting, or molding. 


  • Material: Food-grade PS, PP plastic
  • Size: 6x14x18.5cm
  • Color: Clear green / Clear Yellow / Emerald green / White / Black


  • 1 x Kitchen Pot Lid Drip Pad

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