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Magical Floating Ink Pen

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Magical Floating Ink Pen

Make your drawings float with this magical floating ink pen!

A fun creative marker that is highly-insoluble to prevent it from dissolving into any form of liquids easily. It allows your sketches and writings to magically float and dance freely around the water rather than sticking motionlessly. Making your drawings more interesting and entertaining, especially for your little picasso. Simply create some pattern on your bowls or spoons that’s made of ceramic or glass, pour some water on your drawing and watch it come alive in just a blink!

This floating ink pen features a comfortable, non-slip body that fits perfectly even for your kid’s tiny hand for easy control. Furthermore, the magic pen does not create leakage when used and it dries quickly to prevent mess. It can also work on sketch pads, writing paper, drawing books, and even on whiteboards. Ideal for kids, students, professors, artists, and more possibilities.    

Add a little twist to your sketches and let it come into life using this magical floating ink pen!


  • Magic Water Pen
    This cool artistic pen provides a water-based design which makes it highly-insoluble in any form of liquid. Allowing any writings, drawings and other outlines that you create to magically float and dance around on water. Ideal for your little picasso so they can give their sketches a life-like quality instead of just sticking motionless on the surface. Simply draw a pattern on any glass or ceramic bowls, spoons, and tables, pour some water and you can now watch it come to life! 

  • Ergonomic Design
    The creative pen is lightweight and it features a comfortable, non-slip body that will snug perfectly to your kid’s little hands. Providing them better control so they can write or draw properly without any discomfort even after a prolonged use. Furthermore, the floating ink pen is quick-drying and it does not cause leakage to prevent unwanted smudges and stains. It also glides easily on any surface for a smooth, flawless drawing anytime. 

  • Great Entertainment
    A fun pen trick that will surely pique your fussy toddler’s interest and keep them entertained for hours. The magical pen does not only make vibrant sketches, but it also helps them to think creatively and conceptualise ideas. What’s more? It is suitable for all ages. You can try it out with your kids, families or friends and enjoy creating beautiful artwork pieces together.   

  • Wide Application
    This pen offers 4 bright and clear colors that writes and looks flattering on any surface. Perfect for sketch pads, writing paper, drawing book, and even on whiteboards. Additionally, it can be easily wiped off with a cloth when you use it on a whiteboard. Great for creating cute, colorful drawings like small animals, flowers, shapes, complicated pictures or for writing notes, projects, lessons and so on. Ideal for kids, students, professors, artists, and more possibilities.

  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality PVC marker with a special water-based material to let it float on liquids. It is completely non-toxic and offers a low odor formula to ensure the user’s safety.
  • Material: Water-based ink
  • 1 x Magical Floating Ink Pen


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