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Magnetic Fridge Editable Calendar Planner

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Magnetic Fridge Editable Calendar Planner

Make your monthly schedule more organized and streamlined with this magnetic fridge editable calendar planner!

This editable fridge calendar is specially designed to help you easily plan, organize, and keep track of important events, tasks, or dates. Featuring an ultra-clear acrylic surface plate that can be written on and take a glance even from afar with optimal visibility. It is also designed with wide writing space for listing in multiple to do’s and an area for each corresponding date of the month. Moreover, this calendar has an easy-to-read inscription of the 12 months and 7 days for a more accurate visualization and easier planning. Suitable for creating or noting deadlines, birthdays, holidays, events, meetings, office tasks, personal errands, reminders, and so on.

The fridge calendar planner is embedded with 4 powerful magnetism that can hold steadily against any magnetic fridge or surface. Preventing it from falling off or creating even a single movement even as you swiftly open or close fridge doors. Furthermore, this magnetic calendar provides a smoothened surface that can be easily written on with any colored dry-erase markers. It can also be erased to quickly fix mistakes or change notes and dates for the month without leaving stains, traces or ghosting. Made with premium acrylic material and magnetic technology that can withstand an endless year without wearing-ogg.    

Mark on crucial dates and plan all essential activities accordingly with ease using this magnetic fridge calendar planner! 


  • Ultra-Clear Acrylic Calendar
    An innovative, eco-friendly calendar option that can be freely written on with any dry-erase markers. It enables you to successfully plan, organize, and keep track of important events, tasks, or appointments without the unnecessary paper wastes. This calendar is designed with a super clear surface that you can jot down plain black or colorful inks and glance at it with maximum visibility. It offers a wide writing space for each day to list various reminders and to-dos for every day of the week. What’s more? This smart calendar is already encrypted with the 12 months of the year and 7 days of the week for a more accurate visualization and easier planning.

  • Easy to Write On and Erase
    Features an ultra-smooth and scratch-resistant clear writing surface. Allowing all erasable markers to glide on with ease without smudging or creating any ink messes.  Additionally, this fridge calendar planner can be also easily erased so you can quickly fix mistakes or change notes and dates after each month. No worries as it does not leave any stains, traces or ghosting after erasing unlike with other products. 

  • Powerful Magnetism 
    Embedded with 4 advanced, extra-thick strong magnets that hold securely on any magnetic surfaces. It can stay steadily fixed on your fridge without a single budge even as you swiftly close and open the refrigerator’s door. Simply wipe clean and clear off the fridge door first, then directly attach the calendar, and you can now freely note your monthly plans. No more complicated installations or sticky adhesions needed anymore. This magnetic calendar can be easily removed and reattached anytime without leaving harm or scratches to the fridge!

  • Multi-Used Calendar
    Can be used for taking notes, scheduling various upcoming occasions, or setting a task to be completed. Suitable for writing deadlines, to-dos, birthdays, holidays, events, meetings, homeworks, office tasks, personal errands, reminders, and more possibilities. Making it the perfect gift idea for your loved ones, friends, coworkers, teachers, planner enthusiasts, forgetful people, and even for children. It encourages them to build a healthy habit of planning and managing time at a young age.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, ultra-clear thickened acrylic material and powerful magnetism technology. It is designed with a minimalistic, sleek look that can be easily mounted without obscuring or ruining the appearance of any refrigerator. Moreover, this acrylic calendar boasts an excellent durability that can handle multiple years of usage without cracking, scratching, and loosening hold.  


  • Material: Acrylic board
  • Size: 30x40cm


  • 1 x Magnetic Fridge Editable Calendar Planner

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