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Minimal Sheet Quilt Holder

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Minimal Sheet Quilt Holder

Keep your duvets from constant shifting with this non-slip quilt sheet clip holder!

These sturdy little clips are designed in a decorative mushroom-like head that firmly pins your duvet and duvet cover together. It can’t be removed easily even when you move, turn or jump in your bed. Allowing you to sleep warmly and comfortably without your quilt slipping out the bed, sliding or waking up to see it in a mess. The clip holders are suitable for fixing quilts, sofas, curtains, pillowcases, furniture covers, socks, household slippers, or as decoration for ornaments and so on.

It is constructed with a skin-friendly cotton material and a durable pin that won’t bend or weaken even when used on thicker fabrics. No worries as it is not thick enough to leave any permanent holes to your quilts. Simply fix the nail first through the quilt then align the head to the end of the nail to fasten it and done. The non-slip duvet clip also features a one-key unlocking design so you can easily unfasten it from its fixed grip in just a press.  


  • Non-Slip Quilt Clip
    These sturdy pins effectively connect the duvet and duvet cover together in a secured hold. Fixing your quilts in place to prevent it from slipping out the bed, constant sliding or getting wrinkles. It allows you to move and turn or even jump in your bed without your duvet shifting annoyingly from time to time. You can now have a warm, good night’s sleep and a neat bedding even after you wake up.

  • Easy Installation
    The quilt sheet clips can be smoothly pinned on your linens without the need of any tools or a separate magnetic key. Simply pin the nail through the quilt, align the mushroom shaped head to the end of the nail, fasten it and done. Furthermore, the clip holder features a one-key unlocking design that you can easily press hold to unfasten.

  • Low Profile Pins
    These non-slip quilt clips are shaped in a mushroom-like head which allows it to pin the quilts more tightly. It complements well on any bed and it even looks like just a design instead of a holder. Furthermore, it is also lightweight and compact so you won’t even remember that it’s holding your duvet even when you're laying in bed. No more awkward clips and bulky magnets that only damage your quilts and weigh it down. 

  • Wide Application
    A versatile duvet clip holder that can easily penetrate multiple layers of thin and thick fabric. Suitable for fixing quilts, sofas, curtains, pillowcases, furniture covers, socks, household slippers, or as decoration for ornaments and so on.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, skin-friendly pure cotton material and stainless steel. It is soft to touch so it won’t harm your skin when you get in contact with its head. The pin is not thick enough to leave a permanent hole through your sheets, but it's durable not to bend or weaken.  
  • Material: Cotton, stainless steel
  • Size: 3 x 3 cm
  • 6 PCS / 12 PCS x Minimal Sheet Quilt Holder

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