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Nano Transparent Double-sided Sticky Gel Pad

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Nano Transparent Double-sided Sticky Gel Pad

Give your DIY projects an incredible holding power without the nasty mess of glues or drills with this multifunctional traceless nano adhesive!

This pack of dual-sided mini tape features a superior adhesion that is sure to bond or hang both light and heavy items securely on surfaces. Each nano adhesive adopts an excellent temperature resistance which enables them to work well in all environment conditions. Allowing them to hold firmly in place to prevent constant slipping or falling even when exposed to heat, cold and moisture. Moreover, the mini adhesives offer an impressive versatility that allows them to stick to almost anything and serves various purposes. Suitable for mounting, fixing carpets, sticking posters, balloons, decorations, crafts, figurines, tissue box, remote holders, and so on. 

The multitasking adhesives supply a traceless removal and strong ductility that lets them stretch and come back with great viscosity. It allows you to easily peel the adhesive off for repositioning or permanent removal without leaving even a single trace behind. No need to drill out on your walls anymore or use glue on crafts that only creates a sticky mess! These traceless adhesives are made with non-toxic nano material that guarantees to stick stably for a long time. Featuring a transparent design for a discreet application anywhere your house, office, crafts, and other surfaces.   

Make bonding or decorating undeniably easy and stick it with this multifunctional traceless nano adhesive! 


  • Ultra-Strong Adhesive Force
    A sheet of heavy-duty nano adhesive coated with a powerful, special type adhesion on both sides that can successfully hold small to weighty items. Providing you a neat, fuss-free bonding of two surfaces together or sticking of an item to another surfaces. It works perfectly on different surfaces types, including glass, ceramic tiles, smooth wood, marble, metal, plastic and other surfaces. No worries as its incredibly strong adhesion ensures a stable mounting or bounding to prevent your items from constantly slipping or falling off. Moreover, this nano adhesive supplies a translucent design which enables you to freely mount while staying invisible.

  • Excellent Temperature Resistant
    The nano adhesive mini tapes support an excellent bonding that works well in all climate conditions. Allowing them to withstand higher to lower temperatures and environments with constant moisture or humid exposure without affecting their adhesion. Suitable for places like bathrooms, kitchen, washroom, living room, bedroom, office, and more possibilities. No need to worry about your different bonding projects even when the temperature changes!

  • Traceless Removal
    These double-sided nano adhesives offer the strongest bond that can be also removed with ease anytime without leaving a single trace. Saving your walls and items from the unwanted permanent damages from drillings or messy, sticky residues from glues and other tapes. What’s more? Each mini tape comes with an amazing flexibility that allows them to stretch as you peel them off to the surface and comes back with great viscosity. Great for creating changes or repositioning your items whenever you need!

  • Wide Application
    The traceless dual sided adhesives deliver an amazing versatility that allows them to stick to almost anything and serves various purposes. Perfect for mounting items, fixing carpets, sticking posters, balloons, wall decorations, crafts, figurines, tissue box, remote holders, and so much more. Simply peel the mini tape off from the sheet then stick it to the item that you wanted to bond and adhere it to another surface and done. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic acrylic nano component material with exceptional adhesive qualities and traceless removing performance. The adhesives can withstand longer years without loosening their extra-strong gripping unlike with other products. Furthermore, each nano adhesive does not contain any harmful scent to ensure safety and health at all times. 
  • Material: Nano
  • 1/2/4 PCS x Nano Transparent Double-sided Sticky Gel Pad(32 pads)

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