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Flexible Multicolor Pen-like Cutter

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Flexible Multicolor Pen-like Cutter

Make all your artsy projects much easier, safer and totally enjoyable using this craft cutting pen set!

A clever set of 6 piece pen-shaped cutters that features a 30° razor-sharp blade which delivers a precise, smooth cutting in every glide. Allowing you to effortlessly cut out any paper types in a breeze without the unpleasant uneven corner cuts, burr and paper jamming. Moreover, each cutting pen is lightweight and is specially designed to look and feel like your regular writing pen. It enables you to use all blade pens non-stop for your different craft projects with maximum comfort and maneuverability. Ideal for cutting out perfect curves, loops, lines, shapes, designs and other complicated outlines without experiencing any hand fatigue.  

The craft blade pens supply a convenient push-type design that allows the blade to be swiftly pushed out or retracted anytime. Providing the user an additional safety to avoid possible mishaps and also to protect the blade itself from quick wearing when not in use. Each cutting pen is highly portable and can be neatly stashed into your pencil case, pouches, craft kits and bags without taking up space. Try them for cutting out pictures, stickers, papers, scrapbooks, arts, cards, tapes, crafts, and such weather for personalized craftsy use or other projects! 

Achieve a neat and swift DIY detailed cutting with this craft cutting pen set! 


  • Portable Pen-Shaped Cutter
    A colorful set of 6 piece pen-shaped cutters that provides you with an effortless paper cutting experience in just a glide. Moreover, these unique blade pens are specially constructed with your 100% safety in mind. Each pen can be used for swiftly cutting out any paper types without them accidentally harming your hands unlike with regular craft knives or scissors. The cutting pens also come with the same size just like any ordinary writing pen for better portability. You can neatly store all 6 pieces in your pencil case, pouches, craft kits and bags without taking up space.

  • Precision Cutting
    The handy utility pens offer 30° razor-sharp blades with an impressive high-precision, smooth cutting performance. Providing you with a clean paper carving without the uneven messy cuts, burrs and paper jamming. Ideal for cutting out perfect curves, loops, lines, shapes, designs and other complicated outlines with great ease and speed. These cutter pens are lightweight and are designed to make it look and feel like a real pen. Allowing them to be gripped securely for an optimized control and be used for prolonged periods without experiencing hand fatigue or discomfort. Additionally, these blade pens can be used by both left-handed and right-handed persons.   

  • Safe Retractable Design
    All craft cutting pens are equipped with a push-type feature that allows the blade to be easily pulled out and retracted anytime. It also provides an additional safety so you can always retract the blade when not in use and avoid any possible harm. Furthermore, the retractable design can serve as a convenient storage to protect the blades from easily blunting or wearing off.   

  • Wide Application
    These blade pens can successfully cut different paper materials and crafts in various complex shapes and styles that you desire. Suitable for cutting out pictures, stickers, papers, scrapbook, arts, cards, tapes, crafts, and more possibilities. You can use them for your personalized craftsy use, school projects, art class, work and such.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality ABS plastic and blade materials that boasts exceptional durability and strength. All cutting pens can withstand years of daily use without rusting and they can be dropped multiple times with not a single damage. This artistic set comes in fun, trendy candy colors, including cherry blossom pink, lemon yellow, matcha green, deep sea blue, transparent white, and lovely purple.  

  • Material: ABS, Blade
  • 1 x Flexible Multicolor Pen-like Cutter

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