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Plant Support Connecting Clips Set

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Plant Support Connecting Clips Set

Secure your precious green healthy growth using these plant support connecting clips!

These heavy-duty helpers supply your delicate plants the perfect, optimal support to keep them stably upright at all times. Preventing your greeneries from bending over, snapping, and flopping through fences or other plants for their improved, healthy growth. What’s more? These clips also secure your greens during unexpected storms and windy seasons. Featuring an innovative quick-release tab that lets you clip and reopen anytime completely hassle-free. Simply connect the branch to the support or other plants, then snap the lock to secure, and you're done. No more rope tying or complicated twisting and attaching anymore!

The plant support clips have a hollow-shaped design which ensure a tight hold without pinching or causing harm for your greens. Providing them with maximum air flow and extra gap so they can grow taller, bigger, and photosynthesize well without restrictions. These connecting clips can support various plants, including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, watermelons, grapes, eggplants, beans, melons, loofah vines, flower vines, and other vine garden vegetables. Made with plant-friendly, thickened plastic materials that boasts to last for years of daily usage without damaging or corrosion.

Keep your plants from leaning down or sideways as they grow with these plant support connecting clips! 


  • Perfect Plant Support🌱 
    A set of fine plant clips that is specially designed to provide maximum support for a healthy and improved plant growth. They help your greeneries to be positioned well and keep upright to prevent them from bending, snapping, or flopping onto other plants. These support clips offer an impressive hold that would secure your greens from getting blown off even during storms and strong winds. Moreover, they can be also used to connect branches of one plant to another and enable them to grow healthily as one. Suitable especially for plants that needed assistance, including delicate flowers, climbing plants, herbaceous plants, and vines.

  • Plant-Friendly Design 🌱 
    These connecting clips feature a hollow-carved shape which ensures them to clamp while still maintaining a gap for better air circulation. Allowing your plants to grow more tall, big, and photosynthesize with no issues. Furthermore, the support clips also come with an integrated locking design that lets them clasp tightly without pinching and harming the branches and plants. No worries as they do not easily snap open so you can confidently leave them and be exposed to any environment conditions.

  • Quick-Release Tab 🌱 
    The plant support clips come with a smart easy-press locking tab that lets you clip and reopen anytime in a breeze. No more complicated twisting or looping needed which only leaves damage to the plants. Simply attach the clip to the branch of your greens to the stick, cane, rope, or other plant that they’ll be holding on, then lock the tab to secure, and done. The clips can be also connected together so you can also fix and fit your plants with wider size. 

  • Wide Application 🌱 
    These gardening support clips supply a wide opening that can accommodate almost all thin and large vines. Perfect for supporting tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, watermelons, grapes, eggplants, beans, melons, loofah vines, flower vines, and other vine garden vegetables. Making them an ideal helper for planters, plant enthusiasts, agriculture, and plant owners with vertical gardening or small house gardens.

  • Premium Quality 🌱 
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic plastic material that boasts an exceptional durability and long-lasting performance. They can hold out against daily usage and exposure to extreme weather and temperatures without breaking, cracking, rusting, or rusting. These plant support clips can be safely reused anytime to promote an excellent framework for your greens vigorous growth. 



  • Material: PP
  • Diameter: 30mm

  • 50/100pcs x Plant Support Connecting Clips

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