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Anti-Slip Silicone Shoe Grip Cushion

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Anti-Slip Silicone Shoe Grip Cushion

Strut down every pavement with your favorite kicks or heels without the blistering using these non-slip silicone shoe grip cushions!

This pair of silicone cushions comes with a built-in raised cylindrical design that boasts an excellent anti-abrasion and protection. They effectively shield the heel against constant rubbing and minimize shocks to prevent blistering, pain, and other discomfort. These shoe cushions also offer an impressive gripping that keeps your footwear from slipping off your feet as you move. Moreover, they help to make your feet fit in better without making your shoe too tight to be worn on. Providing you an all day long cushioning and comfortable wearing experience for all of your various activities or casual daily walking. 

The shoe grip cushions promote an exceptional adhesiveness that holds securely on various shoe types. Suitable for sneakers, sport shoes, stilettos, platform heels, leather shoes, loafers, and so much more. No worries as these silicone cushions do not leave damages or messy, sticky residues behind when removed. They can also be reused and even washed repeatedly to keep clean and bring back their strong adhesiveness. Made with premium, non-toxic silicone that can withstand years of wearing without deforming. 

Have the perfect and comfortable shoe wearing experience with these non-slip silicone shoe grip cushions!


  • Excellent Foot Protection
    A fine pair of silicone cushion that’s covered with anti-abrasion raised cylindrical construction that feels exceptionally soft to touch. It successfully absorbs shock and reduces all friction between the foot and shoe for maximum protection and extra comfortable cushioning. Preventing the heel of your foot from experiencing blisters, discomfort, redness, irritation, and so on. You can now confidently walk, run, or dance all day long with your favorite footwear without any sort of pain during and after.  

  • Comfortable to Wear
    These shoe cushions are built not only to relieve pain and discomfort, but also make your feet suit better in your shoes. It features an excellent gripping that enables you to move better without your footwear constantly slipping off annoyingly from your feet. No worries as this pair of shoe grip cushion is perfectly thickened so you can still walk freely in ease without creating uncomfortable tightness. Both silicone hug snuggly at the contour of your footwear’s heel and are available on different sizes. What’s more? They do not weigh the shoe down, making them an ideal companion during your activities and daily walking for a much comfortable experience.  

  • Ultra-Strong Adhesion
    The anti-slip shoe cushions adopt impressive adhesive qualities that can securely grip on various shoe styles. They can amazingly protect and provide a superior hold without leaving scratches, sticky residues, and other damages when removed. Suitable for sneakers, sport shoes, stilettos, platform heels, leather shoes, loafers, and more possibilities. Allowing you to easily and comfortably walk your pair of shoes without the cushion repositioning or falling off as you strut down. These silicone grip cushions are completely translucent and they fit hiddenly on any shoes to prevent them from ruining your footwear’s appearance.  

  • Highly Reusable
    This pair of grip cushion inserts is professionally-designed to be used multiple times without loosening its adhesion. They can be rinsed through water after removal to get them cleaned and bring back their powerful stickiness. No need for gluing or buying another pair of cushions each time anymore. Moreover, these silicone inserts reusability allows them to be used for more pairs of footwears!   

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, silicone rubber material that boasts an exceptional adhesiveness and anti-wearing performance. Both the shoe grip cushion can withstand years of daily usage without deforming, damaging, or losing stickiness. The silicone pair is designed with a thickened upper and slightly thinned lower for an optimized cushioning and gripping. 


  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: XS / S / L / XL


  • 1PAIR OF Anti-Slip Silicone Shoe Grip Cushion

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