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Plug-in Wall-Mounted Socket Holder

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Plug-in Wall-Mounted Socket Holder
Keep your power strips safely tuck onto your walls with this multifunctional socket holder!

This handy tool enables you to efficiently maximize your wall storage and mount your power strip to keep your space mess-free. Eliminating the problems of disorganized, tangled wirings through your floors or tables to avoid any tripping and electrical hazards. Suitable for mounting different power strips, and even items like remote controls, WiFi routers, adapters, mini trash cans, paper towel boxes, purifiers and so on. The socket holder offers a powerful adhesion that can stably hold against any flat surface even when exposed to moisture. Perfect for your kitchen, bathrooms, living room, game room, tables, walls, cabinet panels, bedrooms and more. 

The socket holder adopts a removable design which can easily disassemble the power bar on the wall and reattach it anytime in a slide. Simply attach the adhesive on the clean wall and stick the first panel. After that, fix the adhesive at the back of your power strip, adhere the second panel then gently slide it along the rail to fix or remove and you're done. No more complicated installations needed or damaging drillings that only leave unpleasant marks behind. 

Free up your floors from the messy cable management using this multifunctional wall-mounted socket holder! 


  • Excellent Panel Socket Fixer
    A smart holder that successfully mounts your power strip hidden and out of the way while keeping it neat and organized at all times. Providing you an easy accessibility to your power sockets without the messy tangled wires on the floors or tables. Moreover, it secures your cable management from getting damaged and helps to eliminate the risk of possible tripping and electrical hazards. Making it an ideal fixer for your space especially for those without many wall outlets around and those with youngsters and pets at home.

  • Multipurpose Holder
    This socket fixer boasts an excellent strength and weight capacity which enables it to hold against different power strips without slipping. Suitable for Belkin, GE Power Strip, Tessan, Bototek, Prime Wire & Cable and so on. You can even use it for mounting other items, including remote controls, WiFi routers, adapters, mini trash cans, paper towel boxes, purifiers and more possibilities. 

  • Powerful Adhesiveness
    It offers a superior adhesion which allows it to securely grip against various smooth surfaces types. Great for mounting against ceramic tile, mirror, stainless steel, plastics, and so much more. Its strong adhesive qualities can even withstand daily exposure to moisture without weakening its adhesiveness. Perfect for kitchen, bathrooms, living room, game room, under the desk, walls, cabinet panels, bed rooms and so on.

  • Removable Sliding Design
    The multifunctional holder comes with 2 parts where you can attach the first panel on the wall and the second panel on the power strip itself. It allows you to smoothly disassemble the power bar multiple times onto the wall and reattach it anytime without removing the main mount. No need to constantly reapply adhesion anymore, just slide your power strip to the mount to attach and slide out to remove.   
  • Easy Non-Damaging Installation
    This wall-mounted power strip holder can be quickly fixed into your desired surface with only a few easy steps. Simply attach the included transpired adhesive vertically or horizontally on the wall then align, and stick the first panel. After that, attach the other adhesive on the back of the power strip, stick the second panel and then just slide it along the glide rail on the first panel to fix and done. No more time-consuming drillings needed which only leaves permanent damages behind! 

  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 10 x 4 cm
  • 1 x Plug-in Wall-Mounted Socket Holder

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