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Refillable Mini Fragrance Spray Bottle

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Refillable Mini Fragrance Spray Bottle

Keep yourself smelling fantastic all throughout the day and pack your favorite scent with this refillable alcohol spray bottle!  

This handy perfume spray emits a wide, fine mist of perfume or any liquids anytime with just a simple pressing of its nozzle. It offers a 45 ml capacity with a conveniently compact yet minimalist design that can be stored into bags or pockets without taking up space. Allowing you to wear your signature scent anytime, anywhere without your bulky and weighty cologne containers anymore! Keep yourself smelling fresh and cool whether you're at work, school, trips, camping, vacation, transits, restaurants, dates and such. No worries as it adopts a secured sealing feature to prevent the messy drips and leaks even when it gets shaken or squeezed on. 

The travel fragrance bottle spray supplies an ergonomic body that can be held comfortably by hand and sprayed easily at all times. Moreover, it has a transparent style which enables you to visibly see all remaining contents inside when in time of refilling. It also allows you to effortlessly identify the liquid so you can spritz your ideal fragrance without causing confusion with other perfumes. This bottle spray can even store and dispense different liquids, including alcohols, mouth fresheners, facial sprays, aromatherapy, liquid beauty care, disinfecting liquids and so on.   

Spritz your favorite scent whenever you are with this refillable mini fragrance spray bottle! 


  • Travel-Size Fragrance Spray
    A high-performing spray-type container that quickly and effortlessly dispenses a fine mist of liquids with each press. It can hold out a maximum 45 ml of perfume that can keep you smelling fresh with your own favorite personal scent all throughout the day. No worries as this bottle is perfectly compact and light even when filled for maximum portability. You can neatly stash it inside your bags, pouches, totes, handbags or even inside your pockets without taking up space. You can now wear your unique scent anytime, anywhere and increase your overall attractiveness to everyone. Suitable when you are out for work, school, trips, camping, vacation, transits, restaurants, dates and so on.

  • Ergonomic Design
    This fragrance bottle spray is designed with a super chic rectangular, non-slip body that fits ergonomically in the hand. Allowing it to be carried well and let your fingers rest comfortably on the trigger for a more easier spraying at all times. It adopts an accurate nozzle so you can always directly spritz scent to your desired aim whether your clothes, pulse point and such. Additionally, this spray container comes in a transparent style to give you better visibility on the amount of contents remaining inside before refilling. It also allows you to identify the liquid in the bottle with ease to avoid confusion with other perfumes.
  • Perfectly Spill-Proof
    The mini spray offers a convenient, excellent sealing performance which secures all perfume inside from spilling or leaking out. Its nozzle does not also get accidentally pushed on so you can confidently put it with other items on your bag without spraying. Saving you from messy drips, damp leaks and overpowering smell for an enjoyable, problem-free travel. Moreover, this fragrance spray contains a wide opening mouth for a quick and convenient fragrance refillment anytime.
  • Multi-Purpose Spray
    This portable, refillable container spray can effectively store and disperse various fragrances and other liquids types. Great for perfumes, colognes, alcohols, mouth fresheners, facial sprays, aromatherapy, liquid beauty care, disinfecting liquids and more possibilities. Available in multiple pastel color selections to keep your different personal perfumes separated and easily identified.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic PP plastic material which boasts exceptional toughness and strength. It can be accidentally dropped or squeezed inside your bag without shattering deforming. This perfume bottle container can even withstand years of daily usage with not a single damage. Furthermore, it is completely odorless to ensure that no toxic scent could emit or get mixed into your fragrances. 


  • Material: PP
  • Size: 58 x 101 x 17mm
  • Capacity: 45ml
  • Color: White / Pink / Purple / Yellow / Mint / Blue


  • 1 x Refillable Mini Fragrance Spray Bottle

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