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StraightAway™ Smoothing Blowout Cream

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StraightAway™ Smoothing Blowout Cream

Step up your hair game and say goodbye to rebelliously frizzy strands and curls with this StraightAway™ Smoothing Blowout Cream!

This treatment cream delivers the best world-wide smoothing abilities that would leave your curls perfectly straight in a breeze. Providing you an ultimate rebonding effect without the damages of using heat, chemical solutions, and daily flat ironing. It can naturally and evenly straightens wavy, curly, kinky, coily, and even those with frizzy straight hair from the root to tip. It even supplies each strand with deep moisturization that can instantly condition, hydrate, and maintain overall hair health. Leaving you with gorgeously straight, softer, and voluminous healthy-looking tresses with a nice sheen finish. 

The ultimate straightening cream can even repair dry strands, damages, and split ends while providing anti-breakage protection. It also offers a long-lasting performance that would keep your locks overall rebond-like effect from up to 6 months or more. No worries as it can withstand exposure to daily washes and different environmental conditions or temperature without frizzing. Formulated with premium hair-friendly ingredients with a luxe, pleasant scent that will make your locks smelling fresh and clean all day long. Simply apply a proper amount of the cream to your dry hair, wait for only 3 minutes, rinse thoroughly, then let it dry, and all done!  

Give your curls the perfect salon-like straightening effect at-home using this StraightAway™ Smoothing Blowout Cream!


  • Instant Straightening And Repair
    A highly-effective hair treatment cream that is packed with active straightening-solution that delivers the best world-wide smoothing abilities. It naturally tames frizz, irregular textured hairs, and successfully rebond straightens every strand in just 3 minutes with an excellent slon-like treatment effect. Allowing all curls, waves, and coils to gorgeously straighten evenly from roots to tips without the damages and stress from flat irons and chemical treatments. Simply apply the straightening cream to your dry or half dry hair after your normal wash, wait for at least 3 minutes for that ultimate rebond finish, rinse it off with water, let it dry, and done!  

  • Deep Moisturization
    This straightening hair cream also adopts an intensive moisturization performance that would completely smooth and maintain hair health. Providing your tresses with essential nutrients and water to keep them hydrated and well treated at all times. Moreover, it also instantly volumizes and conditions each strands into a fine, fuller texture with an improved hair strength and anti-breakage protection. Repairing dry strands, breakages, split ends, and preventing future further damages. The straightening cream can even restore hair dullness and reveal gloriously straightened locks with a healthy, beautiful shine.  

  • Long-Lasting Effect 
    The hair treatment cream provides an overall rebond-like finish quality that penetrates deeply to the hair for a more permanent effect. It can hold your locks beautifully straightens from up to an impressive 48hrs or longer. No worries as this straightening cream can withstand multiple washes, unwanted splashes, and different environmental conditions without frizzing. 

  • Suitable For All Hair Types
    This ultimate rebond cream works safely for all hair types to prevent your curls from breakage, decreasing elasticity, and dryness. It can naturally and effectively straighten even the most textured of curls. Suitable for wavy, curly, kinky, coily, and even to those with frizzy straight hair.   


  • Premium Formulization
    Formulated with hair-loving, active non-toxic ingredients that leave each strand straightened, moisturized, and protected in no time. It emits a luxe smelling scent that will keep the hair from smelling like fumes, smoke, sweat, and other odors even after an all day long. This treatment cream can be used multiple times without drying the hair or creating future damages unlike with rebonding or flat ironing.


  • Hair Type: Frizz, Wavy, Curly, Kinky & Coily
  • Item Weight: 2 OZ FL (60ml)
  • Product Benefits: Smoothing
  • Item Form: Cream


  • 1 x StraightAway™ Smoothing Blowout Cream

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