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Universal Plastic Bucket Lid Opener

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Universal Plastic Bucket Lid Opener

Easily lift off lids from any buckets using this universal plastic barrel bucket lid opener!

A must-have item in every toolbox featuring a high-strength hook-like mouth that grabs tightly to a bucket's lid and swiftly opens it. Saving you from the frustration of fighting off over paint lids only to be left with sore hands and wasted time. This handy lid opener adopts an ergonomic lengthened handle with integral finger grooves for maximum gripping and comfort. It also provides the perfect leverage that enables you to effortlessly open lids anytime without much force needed anymore.  

This bucket lid opening tool can be used for different bucket types, including paint buckets, water pails, glaze buckets, frosting buckets, and so on. It is lightweight and is portable enough to be carried anywhere for a fuss-free bucket lid opening anytime. You can also easily store it in a toolbox or bags without taking up too much space. Made with premium plastic material that can withstand years of endless usage without damaging or rusting.

Why suffer with the difficulty of prying off lids using your hands when you can have this universal plastic barrel bucket lid opener! 


  • Quick and Easy Bucket Opening
    A heavy-duty tool designed with a high-strength mouth that grabs tightly over the bucket’s cover to open it speedily with great ease. Allowing you to completely go back onto your DIY projects without straining your fingers or wasting more time trying to pry off stubborn bucket lids. Simply peel-off the sealing from the bucket first, align the mouth from the lid like when using a bottle opener, gently pry upwards until all edges come off and done!

  • Ergonomic Design
    This pail lid opener features a non-slip, lengthened handle with a convenient integral finger grooves for an optimized gripping and control. It also promotes the perfect amount of leverage needed to effortlessly open tightened buckets without too much force needed. What’s more? This tool is ideally lightweight and can be even used for removing countless bucket covers with not a single hand fatigue, muscle cramps or discomfort.   

  • Wide Application
    The handy lid opening tool adopts an impressive toughness that enables it to swiftly open almost all kinds of plastic bucket lids. Suitable for prying off lids from paint buckets, water pails, glaze buckets, frosting buckets, and more possibilities. No worries as this tool can effectively remove lids without ruining them so you can freely close the bucket anytime and reopen when needed.

  • Highly Portable
    This universal bucket opener comes in a compact size which makes it easier to stash into your tool kit without taking up much space. It can be easily stored and carried anywhere for a fuss-free, quick bucket opening at all times. Perfect when you're at home, work, industrial, outdoor projects, and so on.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, plastic materials that boasts exceptional durability and anti-rusting capabilities. It can handle multiple drops, pressure, and years of opening bucket lids without breaking or wearing-off. Furthermore, this bucket lid opener does not contain any sharp edges or surface so that it can be held and used anytime while ensuring the user’s safety. 
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 20 x 5.5 cm
  • Mouth length: 4.5cm
  • 1 x Universal Plastic Bucket Lid Opener

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