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Vintage Dry Flower Ruler Bookmark

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Vintage Dry Flower Ruler Bookmark

Easily pick up where you left in your juicy novels or textbooks using this creative vintage bookmark-ruler!

This unique dry flower bookmark-ruler is designed in an elegant, antique-like touch with a flower glass head that peeks prettily through the book. Making reading much more fun and interesting with the additional dash of whimsy flair. Acts as a practical bookmark, allowing you to efficiently keep track of the page you left off and easily return to your previous reading. Saving you from the time-consuming and troublesome page flipping everytime you lose your place. It can be pressed in your book without slipping out or leaving scratches and other damage that can ruin the pages. Suitable for school books, novels, encyclopedias, dictionaries, diaries, journals, magazines, comics, mangas, and such. What’s more? This tool features a convenient 10 cm ruler that you can use for creating neat, straight lines and accurate measurement.  

This vintage bookmark-ruler is highly portable so it can stay between pages or inside your bags and pencil case without taking up space. Perfect for every reader, bookworm, writer, student, teacher, librarian, book club member, and so on. Meticulously crafted with premium materials that can withstand years of usage without tarnishing and damaging.

Never lose your page anymore with this creative vintage bookmark-ruler!


  • Unique 2-in-1 Tool
    An innovative bookmark constructed in a chic, classic style 10 cm ruler, giving you maximum functionality and versatile usage. It enables you to mark the last page you left each time you need a rest after a prolonged study session or to keep track of a chapter in your favorite book. Moreover, it also lets you effortlessly draw neat, straight lines and measure accurately when needed. No more messy linings and frustrating hours of searching for your previous page that you wanted to read on. 

  • Ergonomically Design
    Conveniently lightweight and it can be popped in between your book without scratching or ruining the pages. It is also perfectly sturdy so it can stay pressed in your thick volume novels and not crumpled, deform, or bent like with paper bookmarks. Suitable for any type of book, including school books, novels, encyclopedias, dictionaries, diaries, journals, magazines, comics, mangas, manhuas, hardbacks, paperbacks, and such. No worries as it won’t slip out easily even as your book gets shaken or moves from place to another. Additionally, the ruler comes with a precise 10 cm measurement that’s engraved clearly for easy reading and non-fading performance.
  • Elegant Retro Style
    The unique bookmark-ruler adopts a vintage elegance with a vibrant flower glass head that peeps out gorgeously in your book. Providing you with an added whimsiness to make your reading experience more enjoyable and interesting. Furthermore, it also puts a dash of beauty onto your treasured books while letting you easily return to your previous reading page. Available in all sorts of stunning flower colors like yellow, orange, red, white, cherry, green, royal blue, tiffany blue, pink, purple, and so on.   

  • Portable Size 
    Meticulously crafted in a compact size for better portability. You can neatly stash it into your bags, pencil cases, or pressed into your books without taking up much space. It allows you to freely bookmark, read, study, measure, and draw lines anytime, anywhere you are. Making it an ideal assistant for readers, bookworm, writers, students, teachers, librarians, book club members, and more possibilities. 
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic zinc alloy metal and glass material that boasts exceptional durability and corrosion-resistant. It offers a mesmerizing antique-style charm that can withstand for longer years without damaging and wearing-off. This bookmark-ruler does not contain any sharp edges or surface to ensure the user’s safety at all times. 


  • Material: Zinc alloy
  • Size: 14cm
  • Color: Yellow / Mint / Pink / Blue / White / Sakura / Tiffany Blue / Green / Red / Cherry / Orange / Purple


  • 1 x Vintage Dry Flower Ruler Bookmark

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