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Wall Climbing Plant Fixing Clips (10PCS/50PCS)

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Wall Climbing Plant Fixing Clips (10PCS/50PCS)

Keep your tangling house plants organized and freshen up your bare walls using these  climbing wall plant fixture clips!

These smart clips come with a twist-like locking design that gently holds your plant stems and secures them on the walls. Keeping your greeneries fixedly organized and upright to tame those unpleasant messy, tangling vines that climb randomly in all directions. Each clip provides a powerful back adhesion that can stably mount on different types of surfaces without falling off or shifting. Moreover, you can position them depending on your desire or your plants' needs and display them more creatively on your dull walls. Simply peel-off the protective film, adhere the clip to the surface then place your vines and twist the clip to lock and done. 

The plant clips offer a convenient minimalist feature that allows them to blend seamlessly and stay hidden into the naked eye. Moreover, all clips have an impressive flexibility that can easily latch on most sizes of plants without harming their stems or growth. They even boast an excellent durability that enables them to be used indoors and outdoors. Suitable for houseplants, greenhouse, garden, balconies, wall plants, offices and even for organizing cables and wires.   

Showcase your living greenery in an aesthetic, organized way with these climbing wall plant fixture clips!


  • Vine Fixing Organizer
    A handy set of 10 to 50 pieces plant clips featuring a flexible twist-like design that gently holds the stem of most greenery. It helps to fix your plants in place and tame those messy, tangling vines that climb up through your wall randomly while still staying healthy. Allowing your precious greens to guide them upright and neatly organized to make them grow more properly and happy. What’s more? These clips can be positioned to the direction that you desire which also enables you to aesthetically display your trailing vines to your bare walls.

  • Invisible Design
    These innovative fixture clips are available in 2 discreet colors of green and white. It blends perfectly well to any plants and allows them to stay hidden to the naked eye. Additionally, it supplies a minimalistic design that would let them instantly disappear into the foliage. Providing your vines an exceptionally organized, whimsical fixed placements that would make everyone wonder.

  • Powerful Adhesion
    The plant clips come with a strong back adhesive that can securely stick into any surfaces, including tiles, woods, stainless steel, marbles, glass, concrete, and so on. It offers a long-lasting adhesion that can effortlessly hold your plants stably on the wall throughout the years. Preventing them from easily falling off, slipping or shifting even when exposed to moisture. Simply remove the protective film, adhere the clip to your desired position, place the vine and gently twist the clip to lock and done. No more destructive installing needed like drilling and nailing!

  • Multi-Purpose Use
    These smart fixture clips provide an excellent flexibility that can easily latch and be unlatched for most sizes of plants. They also have strong resistance to wind and rain which makes them applicable for both indoor and outdoor use. Suitable for your houseplants, greenhouse, garden, balconies, wall plants, offices, and such. You can even use it as a handy organizer for cables and wires to keep the tangling clutter at bay and avoid any possible tripping hazard.     

  • Plant-Friendly Material
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic ABS plastic materials that boasts an impressive durability and adhesion. It can withstand severe weather conditions without damaging or losing stickiness. Furthermore, each clip can hold your plants without restricting their breathability or harming their stems. The fixtures do not also emit any strong fumes that might impede the growth of your greens or harm everyone’s safety. 


    • Material: ABS resin, 3M adhesive tape
    • Size: 20mm x 12mm
    • Color: White / Green


    • 10/50 PCS x Wall Climbing Plant Fixing Clips 

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